Giant Rubber Duckies

Boston has one of the best 4th of July fireworks displays in the country, hands down. Every year, it launches its tremendous display from the middle of the Charles River, from a set of barges prepared months in advance. Olin College students discovered early on that getting a seat on the Esplanade was hard, and that the best views came from the water anyway; soon after discovering this, they put Project Best Idea Ever together and took to the river in inflatable rafts each year.

After the Asylum incorporated in May of 2010, I wanted to do something a little bigger and better than rafts on the 4th of July. I put out a call for interested adventurers, and together we made five gigantic rubber duck boats to take on the water; each measured 15 feet long by 8 feet tall, and weighed a couple hundred pounds. The ducks were designed to be easily assemble-able, highly customizable, and almost impossible to sink. They were an astounding success, and a hilarious time was had by all.