The full-size prototype leg of Stompy installed on a column at Artisan's Asylum.

The full-size prototype leg of Stompy, installed on a column in Building 13 at Artisan’s Asylum.

Welcome to Imagination Fabrication! My name is Gui Cavalcanti, and I make improbable, ridiculous things come to life. I’m the founder of Artisan’s Asylum, co-founder of Project Hexapod, a former systems integrator and mechanical engineer at Boston Dynamics, and a contestant on the Discovery Channel’s newest design/build show, The Big Brain Theory.

My primary interest, since I started high school, is designing and building cool robots. Not just any robots, either – I’m looking to build the largest, most inspiring robots you’ve ever seen. When I’m not building robots, you can often find me organizing crazy adventures for large groups of people, experimenting with pedagogy and teaching classes about design and engineering, and building communities around ideas that I’m passionate about.

I’m available for consulting and contracting work in any of my areas of expertise, from engineering to community building, event organizing to teaching groups and individuals. Drop me a line if you’re interested in talking about an upcoming project, whether you want me to make you a robot, do some engineering work for you, host an adventure, help you establish a creative space, or you simply want to catch up.